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Building Top Notch Canopies for 30 years plus


Any size business can benefit from the addition of a well-planned and creatively executed shade controlled structure.

Whether your project involves new construction, adding an awning to an existing building or replacing an old or outdated canopy with a modernized design, you’ll find an outstanding variety of commercial awning designs to choose from.

a fabric awning manufactured by attached to a home
a fabric awning that says wells fargo atm manufactured by attached to a wall

But how do you know if you’re getting the quality your business needs and deserves?

Quality matters, because your awning is not only customer facing but an important investment for your business.

The truth is, everything that goes into planning and production of your business’ project influences the ultimate quality and ongoing value of your canopy. 

That’s why modern awning designs aren’t just an off-the-rack accessory, but a unique architectural element, custom-created to fit your business’ specific needs.

The size, functional aspects and purpose of your awning will determine which framing and fabric system will work best for you.


There are many things to consider in order to ensure you get top quality product and is your number one source for all things shade control. 

a c-channel metal awning attached to a building
a g-gutter metal awning attached to a building

Commercial awnings are a great addition to the exterior structure of your business. With weather protective qualities and decorative appeal, commercial awnings increase the value of your property and protect the safety of your staff and patrons.

Your awning can be customized to draw attention to your business and provide an array of important benefits. Whether you’re choosing special backlit awnings or traditional canopies, you’re sure to notice your business thriving with these eye-catching accessories.

Your one-stop awning shop

Along with our quality products, at we offer in-house powder coating, pipe bending, and CAD drawings. We take care of all your needs in-house to reduce wait times and improve the quality of our products.  

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