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Building Top Notch Canopies for 30 years plus



With our extensive experience in crafting top-notch canopy systems, we are your go-to source for all your shade control needs. Whether you require assistance with rush orders or a trusted partner to manage manufacturing, your search ends here. 


We specialize in designing and manufacturing custom shade control products for our clients, delivering them directly to your location. We also utilize a Build/Crate/Ship model with installation services throughout the country.

Our president, Corey Courtright, a second-generation awning manufacturer and founder/former owner of Tampa Bay Awning, has moved our company vision to metal canopies because we understand your wants and needs. Metal awnings create a modern and sleek look that you won't have to worry about for years to come due to their being so low maintenance. 


Corey Courtright - President of and founder/former owner of Tampa Bay Awning has demonstrated a proven track record through his development of Tampa Bay Awning into Tampa’s top-rated awning manufacturer, for seven years running. Corey has proven to be a leading force in the industry with his seamless execution of various complicated projects utilizing his 30+ years of hands-on experience. 

Our skilled and diverse team, highly proficient in design, fabrication and manufacturing, is ready to elevate your project to new heights of excellence. With expert welders and precise CAD technology, we ensure top-notch results. Trust us for thorough and timely fabrication, and engineering services.

Whether you require precision bending or impeccable powder coating, we are your trusted partner in delivering top-quality services to meet your specific requirements.

• Tig Welded Aluminum Frames with Capabilities of Welding Exotic Metals.

• Waterproof Heat Sealed Seams - Fabric & Vinyl Applications

• Tenara lifetime thread for all sewn areas of awnings.

• Wrinkle Free Awning Covers

• Custom Graphics - Sunbrella Heat Transfer Graphics with Digitally Printed 3M High Performance Vinyl for All Applications.

• Stainless Steel Fasteners & Aluminum Brackets


  • Maximum Pipe Capacity 4"Sch. 40

  • Maximum Extrusion Capacity 4" x 4" x 1/2"

  • Three Axis Hydraulic Twist System


Extrusion types: Round, Square, Channel, Angle




  • 10 x 10 x 30

  • Best finishes options available (Tiger, TCI, Cardinal, and IFS)

  • High airflow efficiency

  • Faster delivery times

  • Allows for a cure process specific to coating specs

Why have an in-house oven and powder coater?

  • Reduced production time by almost 2 weeks, which will ensure faster deliveries. 

  • Having the best equipment possible for astonishing results

  • Accurate colorimeter matching to meet  your project needs

Optiflex Pro Q

  • Ability to regulate powder coating output to produce a uniform distribution

  • Optistar gun controls offer precise power output to improve film thickness consistency

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